Convert code into a managed application running on an OpenStack cloud at the push of a button.

Solum Demo

Solum is natively designed for OpenStack and leverages existing OpenStack services like Heat, Nova, Glance, Keystone, Neutron, etc.

Solum is a community-driven initiative. The project idea originated from collaborative discussions between Rackspace, eBay, dotCloud, Cumulogic and CloudSoft. It has been designed and developed in the open from the beginning. Community members now include contributors from each of the following companies…

Natively designed for OpenStack — with key project goals of:

Platform Flexibility

  • Language Agnostic (pluggable language packs)
  • Self-serve extensibility to facilitate an ecosystem of third party services (just like Heroku add-ons)
  • Vendor specific extensions for value-add features

Developer Productivity

  • Provisioning Speed
  • CI/CD
  • Git Push
  • Integration with common IDE’s (Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc)
  • Application lifecycle management (connected environments – Dev, Test, Prod)

Application Portability

  • App portability across OpenStack Clouds from different vendors
  • App portability between private and public OpenStack clouds, enabling hybrid scenarios
  • Docker powered portability of runtime container stacks to Docker-compatible clouds

How it works

Solum consists of two logical sub-systems

1. The Control Plane

The control plane deals with application management, such as provisioning and monitoring.

2. The Data Plane

The data plane provides the application execution environment and the data services, including the runtime platform stacks for the supported languages.

Who’s talking about Solum

“Our customers are continually seeking help in structuring and automating how they develop, deploy, and manage their cloud apps. We were delighted to find shared interest in further addressing developer needs above and beyond existing OpenStack capabilities and together started open development of project Solum. Solum allows OpenStack providers and users to benefit from further application management capabilities without having to stand up other services that overlap their OpenStack capabilities.”Rhett Dillingham, Director of Product at Rackspace

“eBay is a leader in deploying and managing applications in private cloud. We do tens of thousands of deployments to thousands of application pools every month. As part of this partnership, we want to contribute the concepts, patterns and technologies that we have hardened over the years to the broader open source community, and in the process help enterprise OpenStack customers benefit from a robust platform offering that helps developers focus on delivering business capabilities.”Debashis Saha, Sr. Director of Platform and Infrastructure at eBay

“Solum is a new project formed to create a completely open PaaS purpose-built to support and take advantage of OpenStack. We are excited to be joining Rackspace, eBay, RedHat, Ubuntu/Canonical, Cloudsoft and Cumulogic in this new initiative.” (full post)Ben Golub, CEO of Docker/Dotcloud

“We will be working with a group of like minded companies and individuals to figure out the approach that makes the most sense for OpenStack. While OpenStack is a fast moving space, we have a lot of experience with it and believe that there is tremendous potential to align our PaaS approach with this project. Being Red Hat, we love community driven innovation, and we’re excited to jump in and help move this effort forward.” (full post)Matt Hicks, Director of Engineering at Red Hat

“We don’t see Solum as a threat to Stackato; rather, it’s a potential enabler… We currently hook into several of OpenStack’s individual projects but there is no central OpenStack project that manages the integration points a true PaaS system like Stackato requires. Solum’s blueprints so far would make it easier and more efficient for Stackato to leverage OpenStack…” (full post)Brent Smithurst, Director of Product Management at ActiveState

“Solum has it’s place… one issue that hasn’t been solved for those of us delivering Openstack solutions. Integration into the underlying Openstack platform. Each of the Opensource PaaSes is built to be run as a standalone solution… They don’t fit like native solutions.”(full post)Hunter Nield, Sr. Director of Engineering at Morphlabs

Want to contribute?

We have ambitious goals and we need your help.

This effort can only be successful with the involvement of developers, IT organizations, service providers, and other cloud vendors.

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